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Research Programs (FY2012-2013)

The Center for International Public Policy Studies (CIPPS) conducts research in four main areas.

1. International Affairs and Diplomacy Issues
2. Environmental and Energy Issues
3. Structural Reform Issues
4. Recovery from the Great East japan Earthquake

International Affairs and Diplomacy Issues

By taking full advantage of our existing global network of foreign senior officials and experts from foreign countries and leading think tanks around the world as well as our BRICs missions, the CIPPS provides the latest information and makes policy proposals on such areas as international relations and cyber security.


Environmental and Energy Issues

The CIPPS takes the various schemes now under discussion to tackle global warming as well as energy issues, and conducts quantitative evaluations of them from the perspectives of the economy, environment, and technological innovation. The CIPPS also researches a framework and system to create a low-carbon society and studies a domestic system toward building a smooth innovation process with a focus on research, development, demonstration and deployment(RDD&D).


Structural Reform Issues

The independence and revitalization of regions and local governments are key to maintaining the sustainability of Japanese society. The system where authority is concentrated on the central government and policies are led by the public sector has reached its limit, as shown in the difficulties encountered by the unifrom administration of policies and the subsidy-focused industrial policies of the central government. The CIPPS conducts research toward the review and streamlining of the functions performed by Japan's central government.


Recovery from the Great East japan Earthquake

With the aim of Japan's earliest recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the CIPPS conducts research, study and making policy proposals to overcome the issues associated with Japan's economy and social structure highlighted by the disaster.

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